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Sandy Strays Collective

Liquid Chalk Markers

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Liquid chalk markers are the perfect companion to your magnetic stationery. Why? Unlike whiteboard markers, they don’t smudge and you won’t accidentally rub off important reminders. Our liquid chalk markers water based, making them non-toxic and eco-friendly. You will have eight beautiful colours to choose from, making it easy to colour code notes/reminders or family members’ events/chores. They are made from the highest quality inks and are vibrant in colour. Our liquid chalk markers are quick-drying and dustless. They’re so easy to clean too! Simply wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth or wipe.



Our liquid chalk markers have a 6mm reversible nib which writes smoothly and dries quickly. Please note; only the bullet tip is recommended for use with our magnetic planners. The chisel tip is perfect for writing/drawing on all other non-porous surfaces.




Eight unique colours



6mm reversible nib (only the bullet tip is compatible with our magnetic stationery)

Water based pigment

Easiest to clean when ink is dry – just wipe over with a damp cloth or wipe


Quick drying

High quality ink



Suggested uses:

Magnetic stationery

Affirmations or quotes on mirrors/windows

Sign writing for businesses (markets, cafes, special offers, etc.)

Craft projects

Kids art & activities (pet rocks, window art, chalk marker games on glass)

Birthday wishes


Drawing/illustrations (stained glass windows)

Food/drink businesses (customer’s names/orders)

Chalk lettering & writing

Whiteboard & blackboard writing (classrooms, businesses, home or workplaces)


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