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Sandy Strays Collective

Magnetic Marker Holder

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Our magnetic marker holder is the perfect accessory for your magnetic stationery and liquid chalk markers. Choose a few of your favourite markers and place next to your magnetic stationery for easy accessibility and convenience.


Strong hold magnet

Stylish, modern design

Keeps your markers organised

Easy to use



Can be used to store other lightweight items (erasers, office supplies, etc.)


Depending on the level of Nickel and/or Iron in your magnetic surface will depend how strong the marker holder is and how many markers it can hold. Whiteboards, Filing cabinets and some fridges have a very high nickel/iron content and they can hold 7 markers. 

Some magnetic fridges may have a low Nickel and Iron content - this may effect how many markers your holder will hold. If you suspect your fridge may have a low magnetic field, you can purchase some 3M tape from Bunnings or a dollar store to add to the back of your marker holder.